AllergEnd Plus Pillow Protectors

AllergEnd Plus Pillow Protectors

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House dust mites are invisible to the naked eye and produce droppings that are the most common trigger of dust-related allergies. Dust mite protective covers are designed to create a barrier between you and the dust mite reducing your exposure to their allergens.

This dust mite bedding uses tightly woven cotton to keep dust mites and other allergens away. May assist people with asthma, allergic rhinitis (hay fever) and atopic eczema.

Care Instructions: Hot Wash, Tumble Dry Warm

Warranty: 4 years from the date of Purchase

Please measure the length, width and depth of your mattress and select the appropriate size cover.


Size Length Width
Standard 73cm 50cm
Euro 65cm 65cm
Cot 57cm 39cm