Asthma Action Kit - Bag Only

Asthma Action Kit - Bag Only

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This handy little bag can be used to hold your asthma medication and equipment in one convenient place. 

Benefits of having an Asthma Action Kit bag include:

  • Easily identified
  • Convenient carabiner to attach bag to school bag or other first aid equipment
  • Made of neoprene for ease of washing and low static
  • Great compact size: 15cm (H) and 21cm (W)

Every Asthma Action Kit bag will include an instruction card on performing asthma first aid and a reliever use log.

Suggested contents for an asthma action kit for use in an asthma emergency includes:

  • 2 x LiteAire Spacer (Asthma WA Online Shop)
  • For children under 5 a plastic spacer with a corresponding face mask (Asthma WA Online Shop)
  • Asthma reliever medication (Pharmacy)
  • Asthma first aid instructions 
  • Reliever use log