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Asthma Foundation WA Membership

Asthma Foundation WA

Asthma Foundation WA Membership


By becoming a member of Asthma WA, you can help us help people with asthma - including you and your loved ones.

Did you know that 1 in 9 Australians have asthma?

There are some concerning asthma statistics.  Someone dies every day in Australia and the vast majority of these deaths are preventable. Asthma is the #1 cause for ambulance call outs for children besides trauma & the #1 cause for school and work absenteeism.

Despite these statistics, asthma is still not taken seriously.  People with 'mild' asthma forget their daily medication and are not protected when their symptoms flare up unexpectedly.  This can have serious consequences.  Asthma WA is committed to changing this.  We are aiming to reduce asthma hospitalisations by 50%.

Your membership fee helps us to:

  • Provide free individualised asthma education to people with asthma & their carers
  • Reach out to vulnerable communities  
  • Raise awareness of asthma and preventative care 
  • Advocate on behalf of people with asthma

There are also benefits for you!

  • 10% discount in the Asthma Shop 
  • Regular asthma information updates 
  • Personal invitations to Asthma Foundation events
  • Voting rights at our annual Annual General Meetings

All members receive a Membership Pack in the mail, which includes:

  • A comprehensive range of asthma education resources and brochures
  • An Asthma First Aid Poster for your fridge and office
  • The latest copy of our newsletter & a subscription to our future newsletters
  • A personalised membership card
  • An Asthma WA pen, sticker and key chain

We hope that you will consider becoming a member of Asthma WA and making a direct contribution to improving the health and well being of people with asthma.

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